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Proxy Queen Alwinarwe
ON-npc-Proxy Queen Alwinarwe.jpg
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe
Race Altmer Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Summerset Isle
Resided in Alinor, Summerset Isle
Appears in ESO

Proxy Queen Alwinarwe was a member of Alinor's royal family who lived during the Second Era. She was Queen Ayrenn's older cousin, and governed Summerset Isle in her place while Ayrenn was handling the Aldmeri Dominion's business in mainland Tamriel.[1][2]


After the Aldmeri Dominion's formation in 2E 580, Queen Ayrenn was often obligated to depart Summerset Isle to handle affairs overseas. The Altmeri government needed someone at the helm while their Queen was away, so Alwinarwe was appointed as Ayrenn's proxy and charged with governing Summerset in her stead.[1][2] She oversaw the influx of the newcomers after her cousin decided to open Summerset's borders to the foreigners.[2][3] Though Alwinarwe personally objected to her cousin's decree, she respectfully enacted Ayrenn's will.[2] This sparked opposition from Summerset's nobility,[4] although this sentiment wasn't shared by all.[5] Despite the differences in their opinions Alwinarwe was considered to be brilliant and among the most-trusted members of Ayrenn's family.[2][6]

Around 2E 582, Proxy Queen Alwinarwe was the target of a plot by High Magistrate Rinwaray of The Divine Prosecution, who intended to use a device invented by Sotha Sil to compel the Proxy Queen to go against Ayrenn's decree and close Summerset's borders.[7] That same year, the Proxy Queen met with an ambassador from the Ebonheart Pact in an attempt to broker peace between the Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion.[8]

She was warned by the Vestige about the Daedric threat that loomed over the College of Sapiarchs and issued a document that allowed them to investigate and later save the College from attack of the Daedra.[9] Partially due to her decision the Crystal-Like-Law was later given additional protections.[10] She also granted an agent of Psijic Ritemaster Iachesis access to the College of Sapiarchs during The Triad's invasion of Summerset.[9]


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