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Clothing is a type of wearable item in Daggerfall. Clothing items are displayed on the character as worn, like Armor and Weapons. Most clothing items equip to their own slot and do not conflict with other equipped items, but a few will. You cannot wear clothing boots and armor boots at the same time, for example. Most clothing will be worn under the armor, such as shirts and pants, though they may be visible around the armor. Some clothing, such as robes and cloaks, will appear over the armor. Clothing items that would appear to be undergarments take up the shirt or pants slot and cannot be worn under other clothing.

Clothing appearance depends on the gender of your character. For example, a shirt looted from a male enemy will have the feminine appearance in inventory and when equipped.

Four different styles of the Short Shirt

Many clothing items, especially shirts, robes, and cloaks, have different appearances representing different ways to wear the item. A shirt may be tucked into the pants or not, for example. These different styles can be changed by selecting the Use button in inventory, and then clicking on the clothing item. Removing any covering armor will make this easier. Many clothing items of the same name will come in different colors, for example, the Short Shirt comes in beige, green, and other colors.

Most clothing items cover only the equip slot they take up, but some extend over more of the character. The Khajiit Suit takes up the pants slot, but covers most of the body and displays under all other armor and clothing. Dresses and Robes take up the chest slot, but cover most of the body, and may cover other equipment and clothing. Despite their similarities, a robe, formal cloak, and casual cloak can all be equipped at the same time. This results in conflicting images on the character model.

Clothing does not give any game mechanic benefit unless it is enchanted. Clothing can be enchanted, but caution should be used as some clothing has low durability and will break very quickly if enchanted with a cast when equipped enchantment.

The character starts with some basic clothing, but more can be acquired throughout the game. Clothing Stores sell only clothing and have a large variety. General Stores often have a few clothing items per shelf. Clothing can also be found in loot piles and on defeated humanoid enemies.

Clothing can take up the following slots on the character:

  • Shirt: Covers the chest area, appears under armor
  • Pants: Covers the legs, appears under armor
  • Shoes: Covers the feet. Same slot that armored boots take up
  • Casual Cloak: Drapes across the shoulders, may cover the head with a hood. This is a separate slot from the Formal Cloak slot
  • Formal Cloak: Drapes across the shoulders, may cover the head with a hood. This is a separate slot from the Casual Cloak slot
  • Robe: Covers the entire body, may cover the head with a hood. Appears over armor
Icon Name (ID) Type Weight Value
DF-icon-clothing-Sandals.png Sandals Shoes 0.25 1
DF-icon-clothing-Long shirt 01.png Long Shirt Shirt 0.50 10
DF-icon-clothing-Long shirt 02.png Long Shirt Shirt 0.50 10
DF-icon-clothing-Long shirt 03.png Long Shirt Shirt 0.50 10
DF-icon-clothing-Priest Robes.png Priest Robes Robe 1 100
DF-icon-clothing-Short Shirt 01.png Short Shirt Shirt 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Short Shirt 02.png Short Shirt Shirt 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Short Shirt 03.png Short Shirt Shirt 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Short Shirt 04.png Short Shirt Shirt 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Reversible Tunic.png Reversible Tunic Shirt 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Casual Pants.png Casual Pants Pants 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Challenger Straps.png Challenger Straps Shirt 0.50 4
DF-icon-clothing-Short Skirt01.png Short Skirt Skirt 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Wrap01.png Wrap Wrap 0.25 4
DF-icon-clothing-Wrap02.png Wrap Wrap 0.25 4
DF-icon-clothing-Short Tunic01.png Short Tunic Tunic 0.50 5
DF-icon-clothing-Kimino.png Kimono Kimono 0.25 11
DF-icon-clothing-Anticlere Surcoat.png Anticlere Surcoat Shirt 1 5
DF-icon-clothing-Eodoric.png Eodoric Robe 2.50 6
DF-icon-clothing-Casual Dress.jpg Casual Dress Dress 2.0 3