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Books: Greg Keyes Novels

The following factions appear in The Infernal City and Lord of Souls:


Argonian political party that dominates Lilmothian politics. Mere-Glim claims that when the Oblivion Gates opened, they poured into Oblivion with such fury and might that Mehrunes Dagon was forced to close the gates. They refer to Argonians who have been living under Imperial ways as "Lukiul", or "Assimilated".

College of WhispersEdit

One of the two factions into which the Mages Guild has split, the other being the Synod.


A group of young skraws on Umbriel, including Oluth, that have decided to follow Mere-Glim. They leave what they call the "sign of the vapors" - four lines in a spray - when destroying a tree-root feed so that others would know that it was the skraws who had done so.


An insurgent faction from County Skingrad. They have distinctive arrows and often behead the bodies of people they've killed. When Radhasa and her group kidnap Attrebus, they make it look like the Natives attacked and killed his guard.

The OrganismEdit

The ruling council of Lilmoth, currently run by the An-Xileel.

Penitus OculatusEdit

The secret service of the Empire.


Skraws are a class of workers on Umbriel that attend and maintain the Sump. Within the sump they gather food items as well as attending to the "people" growing there, recognizing when a sac needs to be taken to a birthing pool. The vapors which they inhale in order to stay underwater for extended periods can be harmful.


One of the two factions into which the Mages Guild has split, the other being the College of Whispers.


Also known as the Drykillers. The only non-Argonian guard unit in Lilmoth.