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Erna the Quiet (erna the quiet)
Location Felsaad Coast Region, [-21,24]
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 6 Class Commoner
Other Information
Health 79 Magicka 72
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Skaal
Erna the Quiet

Erna the Quiet is a Nord commoner who lives in the Skaal Village. Kjolver will ask that you kill Erna for having an affair with her husband, Brandr. A note in Erna's house will indicate she has taken a walk by the Isild River, where you will find her, though she is with Brandr. After murdering Erna and taking her ring, you will be able to complete the quest by bringing the ring to Kjolver as evidence of the crime.

She is wearing a common shirt with matching pants, Nordic fur boots, and a unique ring. She is also carrying a torch. Aside from her natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield herself, and a natural frost damage spell, she knows no spells.

She has a small one room house in the Skaal Village (although she never goes inside it). On the left of the entrance there's a table with a few chairs. On the table, there's a quill pen, an inkwell, Erna's Note to Brandr, the Book of Life and Service, and a travel lantern. On the right of the entrance there's another table that's filled with clutter. On the other end of the house, there's a hammock, a fireplace, and a chest filled with clothes. The only other item of interest is a scroll of purity of body on a shelf above the fireplace.

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  • Voice: "Have you met my love, Brandr?"
  • Greetings:
  • "Have you met my love, Brandr?"
  • "You killed my Brandr! Why?!"
  • Mirisa never returned: "Mirisa? That missionary? I saw her a few weeks ago near the Thirsk mead hall, just south of here. She told me she wanted to preach to the Thirsk Nords abouts the evils of drink. I hope she succeeds. I've seen many a good man ruined by mead...."