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Battlespire:Deathmatch level 7

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Deathmatch level 7 is a Battlespire Multiplayer map with a labyrinth of hallways. It contains a total of 4 treasures. A hallway encircles the majority of the map, and straight halls run in cardinal directions to a circular chamber containing the health and magicka crystals.

To the west, outside the hallway circuit, is a cavern with a large boulder in the center. A treasure can be found on the far western side of this chamber. A similar layout is found to the east, past the encircling hallway. This chamber is a dungeon with uneven walls and a central block. Behind this block is another treasure.

To the east of the circular plaza, a curved hallway follows the same path as the border hall, passing from the cardinal north hall to the east, then the south.

To the west of the plaza, hallways proceed north and south, curving and revealing alcoves and side rooms. This southern path contains a treasure.

To the southwest of the plaza, in the border hallway, the path briefly becomes cavernous, and a treasure is found in the center.