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Battlespire:Deathmatch level 5

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Deathmatch level 5 is a Battlespire Multiplayer map consisting of 7 main rooms. The central room is square, with one exit heading to the south, west, and east. The north side features two curved ramps to northward-heading hallways on each side of a raised balcony with an exit also heading north.

The two hallways continue to the north, with one east-west hallway conjoining them shortly after leaving the central room. The western hallway heads up, entering from the west to the third level of a tall room with a lava pit at the bottom. A ringed platform encircles the pit, and a north-south bridge bisects it, the health crystal in the middle. The eastern hallway heads to a lower elevation and enters the tall lava room from the east on the first level. This has an identical platform layout, and the magicka crystal rests in the center of the middle bridge. The middle level of this room only has a ring around the perimeter. Two exits lead south, found to the south-west and south-east of the chamber.

These two hallways lead to a long room divided by a window, prohibiting movement from the two sides, but permitting projectiles through. Hallways lead to the west and the east, and the two sides of the room join again to the south. A ramp leads up from this southern point, exiting on the balcony in the central chamber. A treasure is found in the center of this balcony.

The western hallway of the arrow-slit chamber leads to a large, empty cave. An exit to the south leads to a T-junction. The eastern path returns to the central chamber, while the southern path leads to a room with some columns. There is a treasure in the northwest of this room. There is a door to the east that opens into a room featuring platforms over another pit of lava.

Heading south from the central room also enters into this lava pit chamber. The path divides, leading to two wooden platforms separated by a small chasm that can be jumped with relative ease. To the south is another wooden platform, requiring a jump to access. There is a large door, leading to a semicircular chamber which contains two treasures. Returning back across the chasm, there is a door opening to the east.

This room is another cavern, with a very large pit in the middle. A zipline can be used to travel from south-to-north or vice versa. There is a treasure on the northern side of the chasm. Proceeding north is another T-junction, with west leading to the central chamber, and north heading to another room. This room is rectangular and empty. A hallway to the north curves west, returning to the arrow-slit room.