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Battlespire:Deathmatch level 3

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The central room

Deathmatch level 3 is a Battlespire Multiplayer map which consists of 5 main rooms across two levels, mirrored across the East-West axis.

The central room spans both levels. On the North and South walls, there are walkways spanning the length of the room. In the middle, there is a North-South bridge connecting these two walkways with the health crystal in the center. To the East, the two walkways pass into a U-shaped room, connecting them together. On the ground level of the room, there is a raised pool of lava, primarily a threat if you fall from the walkways. On the West side of the ground level, there is another U-shaped room.

On the upper level, west of the walkways, the hallways open to mirror-image rooms, one in the North-West and the other in the South-West. Each has a treasure. At the far North and South of the rooms, respectively, there is a hallway with a downwards ramp heading East. These lead to roughly rectangular rooms on the lower level. The hallway ramp opens up onto a wooden platform that fills the outer edge of the room, a treasure on each of them. A wooden ramp leads down to the rest of the room. These rooms have two other exits. An angled hallway leads to the central chamber with the lava pool and the raised walkways. On the far east, a hallway connects these two ground level rooms. In the midpoint between them, there is a doorway to the West, leading to a small chamber. Inside, there is another treasure, and the magicka crystal.