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Battlespire:Deathmatch level 2

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The main room

Deathmatch level 2 is a Battlespire Multiplayer map which consists of seven different rooms, with the central room acting as a hub by connecting to the other rooms.

The main room has two lifts in the middle of it, with a treasure between them, and when a lift is touched, one will go down whilst the other goes up. The platform in this room has the health and magicka crystals on it. The room north of the hub has a single treasure in it and a platform on the upper layer. This upper platform leads both to the east and the west, with another room accessible from there in the northwest. The west corridor from the hub leads to two cavern type rooms, with each having a treasure in it, and a platform on the upper layer. The south room is big and dimly lit, with one treasure in it. The east room has a slope that allows access to the upper layer platforms and has a single treasure.