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This is the talk page of Eddie the head, but if you didn't know that you obviously didn't intend on being here in the first place. If you want to praise my godliness or give me some advice or ask a question I can answer, click here and I will get back to you when I am at my laptop next. If you came here to yell at me for breaking something, click here and I will never get back to you.

reply to odd comentaries of skyrim[edit]

you focus in the gameplay, I think by abolishing the classes Skyrim givmuch more freedom to the character, I hate classes in the first 2 games, where I chose to be a knight, but that prevented me from learning spells and using daedric gear (in Daggerfall) about the "special powers" I barelly used them so don't miss them. But Skyrim has more developed storylines, as complex as Morrowind and even more, for example there's much difference between the simple fighter's guild questline of Morrowind and the Companions questline which takes us throught the history of the companions back to Ysgramor, throught the steps of lycantropy and the glorious end in "glory of the dead" quest. It's the first game of the saga that alows double wield weapons and double cast spells, allows you to start as you wish and learn what you wish, I play as battlemage, with knightly gear and archmage spells. This freedom is shared by Oblivion wich allows to combine melee and magic atacks even better than Skyrim. And now with Dragonborn DLC, in graphics, meshes, storylines and gameplay in general, Skyrim is the best game of the whole saga of The Elder Scrolls