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Congratulations, you now have a new set of shiny buttons. --NepheleTalk 15:13, 29 October 2011 (UTC)

Heads upEdit

I just wanted to point you to this discussion. elliot (talk) 04:19, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

Oblivion QuestionEdit

Hello DKong27,

Im new in Oblivion ( 2 days ago i start it) and i read everything that has to do with Oblivion so i totaly understand what i gotta do to play a good game and what i gotta do to do efficient leveling and generally speaking i get whats this game is all about.

So from here ill tell you how i was thinking to make all my attributes level 100 and ALSO make my char level 51 and NOT level 30 (soz for my bad english).

{{{ I chose as my class the "Redguard" and chose as Birthsign "The Thief" and as favorite atribute "Luck" (+"Endurance") and so i get extra +15 Luck attribute and i have total 50+15=65 Luck attribute. I was planing to level up efficiently and with each level that my character get i was planing to increase three attributes by +5 and all the others by +1(not Luck attribute). When ill be level 16 i was planing to start increasing my Luck attribute by +1 and some other two attributes by +5. I was thinking to start level up Luck from level 16 because my Luck attribute is already level 65 and i need 35 more levels to make it level 100 and if i start increasing it by +1 for each level that my character get then Luck will be level 100 when my char will be lvl 51. The reason i start to level up Luck attribute from level 16 is because i want to have all attributes level 100 and also i want my player to be level 51. If i want I can have all atributes level 100 and my char be level 30 BUT i dont want my char to be level 30. I want to reach the maximum level of the character which is level 51 (and sometimes level 51-54). }}}

So that was my thoughts and here there is something that is bothering me:S

1)When my character will be level 30 (or 30-35 if i dont get 100% efficient leveling),all my atributes will be level 100 and Luck will be level 79(79-84 depending on my character level) ... when that happen can i level up with only 1 attribute left?What i mean is if i can continue to level up even though only Luck attribute left to make level 100.

2)Lets say that my character is level 29 and on that level i have Personality attribute 98 and NOT 100. When its time for my character to be level 30 then Personality will get +5 or +2 ? What i mean is that even if i deserve to get +5,because i get 10 skill points on some of the three skills of Personality,it will only take the "+2" out of "+5" or it will take "+5" making personality 103?

I made those 2 questions cause i havent play yet and so i dont know:S

Thank you for your time and really sorry for that big post.

P.S I know that i must not make all my major skills level 100 in order to continue leveling and be level 51 and with efficient leveling i can do that and in case i make all major skills level 100 and cant level up i can go jail and do some others things to be able to level up again

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