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I own a physical copy of Tales of Tamriel Book I and II if you need information out of it or scans of printed pictures.

ESO Main Char Build:

What I'm working onEdit

Nothing in particular, but I‘ve stumbled over some lore bits here and there i'd like to add to various pages.

Got a Sandbox where I'm listing some ranks and titles. [| Sandbox].

ToDo Link
High Priority
Check the Howling Sepulchor. It has a dragon priest and is called nedic. It's in Craglorn.

Overhauling the Reachman Lore Page
Overhauling List of Rulers and Dates
Overhaul the Merethic Era Page, add new sources alternative to Aincatar
Longhouse Emperor in History
Add a list of known Dragonborn
Normal Priority
Lore:Warden Page. Also stuff on nature/warden magic
Add Info from Greymoor about Icereach, Leovic
Create a proper page for the Eight and Nine Divines
Add a list of all known members of the University of Gwylim
Create a Ayleid Empire page or Ayleid Empire section
Add some other sources

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