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Dia Duit! RIM is ainm dom and I am from Ireland. In both of my two main save files I have completed every quest possible in Oblivion, including the two expansions. I made a number of minor contributions to the Oblivion and Skyrim pages (I was the one who found out that the date of Skyrim was 4E 201) before joining the wiki.

I have also fully completed Arena without using any glitches or passwall. I also created the First Time players page and wrote quite a lot on it in an effort to help new players.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, the last year and a half or so have been pretty hectic with college, training and a death in the family. I still play Oblivion and Morrowind on and off and I still pop in and out from time to time for the odd edit to Arena or to watch the recently changed pages. I hope to be a bit more active over the next while; I haven't completely abandoned the wiki yet!

If you want to send me a message just leave it on AR-creature-Hell Hound.gif my talk page. Thanks!

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