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I am Ninja Hinder, the one who asks many questions.

Hello folks, I am Ninja Hinder. I am amazingly young to be a wiki editor. I call myself the one who asks many questions because I do. Questions are how you learn. One day in August '08 I decided, hey, why not edit this place. (I had been visiting the site for help and whatnot for a few months before that.) I made myself a profile, and then... Did nothing. I really only focused on bettering my user page for my first year or so here. In that time I took a special interest in fanfiction and thus you can find them all below, on my bookshelf. In September after I came back from my Summer hiatus things had changed. I've been patrolling and improving pages by adding links to them and making minor edits since then. I still have fanfictions in the works, just not for Oblivion at the moment. You can find me in the IRC chatroom as Ninja_Hinder. I'll answer any question you throw at me to the best of my abilities. Also, another way to contact me is my talk page, obviously. I don't mind getting new messages from others.

My Bookshelf
Whodunit? twist
Agent Phintias:Infiltration
Alperion's Redemption
Diary of the Outcast Ninja part 1
Diary of the Outcast Ninja part 1
Diary of the Outcast Ninja part 2
Blade Brothers, (Part 1.)

(Note that all of these save for the bottom one were written by a 12 year old.)

My current projects[edit]

  • Improve the roleplaying section dramatically. Perhaps one day enough that the tag that says the work may not be at UESP's standard can be removed.
    • Add links where I can.
    • Add proper ideas and erase ones that are duplicates/don't make sense.
  • Write more fanfiction.
  • Become a patroller (More of a goal than a project).

My finished projects[edit]

Make my user page better. Become a semi-respected member. Learn to edit really well. Other than this, I have no specific projects. I simply add links and make minor edits where I should.

My Sandboxes[edit]

If you should want to visit any of these. The Character and Roleplaying ones could be entertaining.

Roleplaying Sandbox. A sandbox where I store my roleplaying ideas, and other's ideas that I like.

Character Sandbox. This has all of my characters. A lot of info for each one.

Fanfic sandbox. This one has all of the things I need on it, such as character notes and a bar I miraculously made that lets me greet new members.