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Welcome to my userpage. I go by Enderkingdev here in the realm of the internet, usually just Ender for short.

I first got into the Elder Scrolls by playing Skyrim. After Skyrim I decided to move back and visit an older game in the franchise, that being Oblivion, which I thoroughly enjoyed and it. Next I decided to give The Elder Scrolls Online a try with some friends of mine.

Though my friends did not remain active on the game for long, I continued to be relatively hooked on the game and continued on solo. It was around this time that I joined the UESP Discord and began to take my first steps editing on the wiki.
As an editor, my contributions have been rather all over the place, usually unfocused and come in large chunks with great amounts of time before another editing spree tales place.
My edits have ranged from editing in lore space, providing citations, adding large chunks of images from both ESO and Blades, to simple tweaks in the online space.