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Joined 14 October 2017

Skyrim is my favorite game. I have been playing it on-and-off for 5 years. I have all the add-ons as well, but honestly I create lots of characters and use each one. As an example, I created an Argonian assassin, a Khajit thief, and I have a Dragonborn that just spends all her time puttering around in her house in Falkreath, going on simple trips with Rayya. Rayya beats Lydia in every way. Emma of Falkreath (talk) 00:05, 15 October 2017 (UTC)

Wow! I have been here for over 4 months! I play Skyrim mostly on Sunday afternoons, so the pace is slow, but I am enjoying myself.

New characterEdit

In honor of Skyrim's 8th anniversary, I've started a new character, Farida, a Redguard who is a werewolf Companion-- and nothing else. For once, I'm avoiding Bleak Falls Barrow and all that follows, so that I can feed on 165 NPCs without fear of messing up the rest of the game. I've learned things that I never knew, such as that High Hrothgar is locked and that dragons have been replaced with trolls. (I've gotten a few words of power, but they're locked since I have no dragon souls.) (The name 'Farida' is from a police show-- it seemed appropriate for a Redguard Companion.) I'm also finding lots of nooks and crannies that I never noticed before, like a tiny fisherman's camp that might have a chest and a skill book, but it's not near an icon on the main Skyrim map so I have no idea if anyone knows or cares. Well, I assume there's a list of skill books somewhere, but sometimes it's just an odd bit of scenery, like a pair of barrels on the side of a mountain, or a wounded mudcrab in a tree. (I have unmodded vanilla Skyrim, special edition, so I know this isn't from a mod.) Also, it turns out that even though you're a werewolf, you can still engage in dialogue with people who are trying to rob you-- right before you eat them.

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<-- I love the Heartfire add-in and plan to take an active role in cleaning up the various House pages.

I'm good at writing and editing so hope to make a positive difference in the Redesign Project.