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The Underking If you receive a letter from the Underking:

A letter floats through the air toward you. Strangely, nobody else seems to notice it. The letter tucks inself [sic] into your pack. His letter reads:

(Player's name), Centuries ago, Tiber Septim ruled the land and forged an empire with great Numidium. The secret of Numidium's power lies in its heart, carried within the Mantella. It is the heart of Tiber Septim's battlemage. It is my heart. It is my Mantella. It is my Totem. It belongs to me, and to none other. I have won and lost an empire. I have no desire to tamper further with mortal affairs. I have in my possession Necromancer's Amulet, one of the world's greatest artifacts. You may have it in in exchange for the Totem. My most loyal agent will await your arrival in (regional temple) of (region), at (temple). Underking Head to the temple, then find and speak to the Agent to present the Underking with the Totem. The Agent tells you:

"The Underking will be most pleased. He has searched many life times for this lost item. I have been instructed to give you this object. Use it wisely. Should you ever locate the Mantella, the Underking would be most appreciative."




The final decades of the Second Era were wracked by the Tiber Wars, which saw the armies of Cuhlecain, King of Falkreath, conquer and unite the Colovian Estates and beyond, under the command of General Talos of Atmora.[1] At the general's side was the Battlemage Zurin Arctus, who was notably instrumental in their victory at the Battle of Five Bridges.[2] After taking the Imperial City (and thus, Cyrodiil) in 2E 854, Cuhlecain was assassinated shortly before being crowned emperor.[1] As a result, Talos was crowned by Arctus as Emperor of All Cyrodiil, taking the Cyrodiilic name Tiber Septim.