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Joined 21 October 2009
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Hi there!Edit

Welcome to my page! I am a regular user of UESP, but a novice editor. I plan to change that, and although my last two attempts at doing so have coincided with major personal events that have dragged me away from the computer, I am hoping that now I can finally put some real time and effort into the wiki.

My talk page is always open for anyone who wishes to pop in and say hi, offer advice or constructive critism and I look forward to working with you in this amazing community endeavour.

Fact fileEdit

  1. Name: Daniel
  2. Age: 24
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Province: Bonnie Scotland
  5. Day job: Office/IT Manager


As a helpful note for testing etc, these are my available game/platform combinations:

  • PC: Morrowind, Oblivion
  • Xbox 360: Oblivion, Skyrim

For PC, my knowledge and experience with the Construction Set is intermediate. I am quite familiar with the in-game console however.

Task ListEdit

  • I'm adding this page here because it really needs some work done to it