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Boots (talk+ contribs edit count logs email)

I've been writing on this site for a while, so I decided now is as good a time as any to create this userpage!

That being said, I go by the name "Boots", which is the name I often go by on other sites around the interweb. Since you're reading this sentence right now, that means one of two things. Either you're bored out of your mind and are flipping through pages to pass the time, or for some reason actually care about this random person writing about his pitiful little life online. So, I might as well indulge you.

The Long, Wordy Part of my UserpageEdit

That you're probably going to skimEdit

That being said, my real name is none of your concern, I don't really care about what you think about the universe, the secret to life, everything else, something to do with 42, and a bunch of other things that you wouldn't know about unless you did, which in that case I suspect you understood what I just referenced in the last sentence. Correction, this sentence, since technically I made that reference you would know about if you knew it in the same sentence I said I made the reference to in the last sentence. Well, technically speaking, it was the last sentence, since in the last sentence I said that I mentioned the reference that you would know about if you knew it in the last sentence if you knew it in the last sentence last sentence, which technically I now said two sentences ago. Am I confusing you? I do apologize. Sometimes I'm just too smart for the idiots that surround me in my everyday existence, which is probably why they tend to avoid me.

While I would like to say that I've played every single Elder Scrolls game out there in order to seem "older", more "mature", and experienced with Elder Scrolls lore, (a.k.a. Don't you dare revert my edits I've been with this series since 95' and know way more than you little punk-faced Skyrim 12 year old) I unfortunately must identify myself with that little punk-faced Skyrim twelve year old. I won't deny it, Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls game I've ever played and arguably, one of the most life-changing and influential games in my life. It still holds my ranking of #1 game out there, and has inspired more daydreams than I dare count. Heck, I even imagined that Skyrim was real, pretended that I was an Imperial Legionnaire fighting Stormcloak dogs, and drew maps about Skyrim, adding lines and symbols for strong, guarded Imperial forts. Sketching out campaigns in my mind for the victorious Legions as they marched to kill the Tyrant-King, Ulfric Stormcloak. I also watched too many History Channel documentaries, visited way too many museums and spent way too much time reading books, which probably started my interest in reading wikis, reference guides for popular shows (a.k.a. Star Wars), and a tepid little edit I made with this account back in 2012, adding some words to the Stormcloak soldier page. Years later, I then made another account for some reason, wrote something about the Interregnum for ESO, then created another account about a year after that, wrote a big userpage for it, never actually contributed anything on it, then another year later, seeing that I could help with writing this wiki, re-discovered that I had this old account which I made my first edit on (which seemed only appropriate to revive).

As such, now I'm here, you're stuck with me, and there ain't anything you can do about that. Unless you ban me, of course. (Please don't ban me!)

Other than that, you can now view a long list of userboxes below this line that make this page look colorful and make me feel accomplished, because I'm vain and little colorful boxes on a page no one will read online is a pretty big achievement for someone like me. I should get a medal as well. Could we pin it on my internet persona?

Oh yes! And since I technically joined this wiki in 2012, my userbox says I've been on this wiki for over four years! Wow! I feel more accomplished already!

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