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After searching around this wiki forever, I was disappointed to find that a simple list of all Oblivion quests didn't exist! So, I meticulously went through page after page compiling quests (some weren't even in the order you have to do them!) into this Printable Quest Checklist. I made it so I could see what I had done and what was still out there to do! Someone else found it useful, so I used them as a guinea pig to improve the layout and then I shared it here. Note: When I made it, there was not a list of all quests on the 100% Completion page (I bet you didn't even know that page existed! They like to hide it.) Suggestions are welcome, but nothing links to it, so only two other users besides me even know about it (both said it seemed useful but didn't know where to put it), so it will probably be deleted by a bot one day...

About Me:

INTJ (Myers-Briggs)
Left(-ish) Brained
Very High: Spatial & Logical
High: Linguistic
Embarrassingly Low: Kinesthetic & Musical
High: Analytical Excitability (Intellectual OE)
Low: Emotional Excitability
Conceptual Thinker, Detail Oriented
Very Low-End of Autistic Spectrum (AQ:33)

People come to me for "an honest opinion."
People come to me for thinking-help.
People (should) avoid me for emotional help.
People complain that I "think too much."
Compared to other analytical-types,
people say I'm surprisingly "artsy."

Contradictorily, I am conceptual thinker,
but share many secondary autistic traits.
I'm the person who will predict
all the ways your plan could go wrong.


SR-icon-logo.jpg This user has played 300 hours of Skyrim on the XBox. User-userbox-Xbox.png
SR-race-F-Khajiit.jpg Player Race: Khajiit Emphasis: Archery, Sneak, LtArmor, Destruction SR-skill-Archery.png
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SR-creature-Ice Wolf.jpg Affliction of Choice:
Owns 4 Werewolf Artifacts
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User-userbox-Invisible Pink Unicorn Logo.jpg This user wishes: for Shivering Isles or Mudcrabs with Monocles to appear in Skyrim.
User-userbox-Invisible Pink Unicorn Logo.jpg This user wishes: the No-Fun-Allowed Committee to stop vetoing everything fun in Bethesda games.


User-userbox-Xbox.png This user has played 300+ hours of Oblivion on the XBox.
User-userbox-Invisible Pink Unicorn Logo.jpg This user thanks the Invisible Pink Unicorn for the 25% Chameleon Cuirass from Kurdan at level 10.
LO-race-Breton.png This user played as a sneaky Breton depending primarily on marksmanship with occasional spellwork.
OB-icon-Mages Guild-Arch-Mage.png This user is an Arch-Mage in the Mages Guild.
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