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Apelles Matius (apelles matius)
Location Ebonheart
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 35 Class Guard
Other Information
Health 304 Magicka 154
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Essential Yes
Apelles Matius

Apelles Matius is an Imperial guard who is interested in hearing about any Dark Brotherhood activity on Vvardenfell. Once you have been attacked at least once by the Dark Brotherhood, talking to Apelles will bring an end to the attacks. In addition, he will direct you to speak to Asciene Rane about transport to Mournhold.

He wears a near full set of the valuable Adamantium armor, including the cuirass, both pauldrons, both bracers, greaves, and boots, and he is wielding an Adamantium mace. Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, he knows no spells.

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  • Greetings:
    • "What's this about the Dark Brotherhood? You say you've been attacked by them? The fact that you're standing here seems to suggest otherwise."
  • Apelles Matius: "I am he. What can I do for you?"
  • Asciene Rane: "She's a mage who arrived in Vvardenfell the same time I did. Special appointment to Duke Dren himself. Nice woman, and a powerful mage. You should be able to find her in the Grand Council Chambers here in Ebonheart."
  • Background: "I am Apelles Matius, Guard."
  • Dark Brotherhood:
  • "Perhaps you have been attacked. That's bad business. I don't know who it is that wants you dead, and I don't want to know. Dark Brotherhood activity here on Vvardenfell has been almost unheard of, but I know they have a large contingent back on the mainland."
  • "I understand you've taken care of your problem with them. Good work."
  • the mainland: "Yes, in Mournhold itself, actually. If you're feeling particularly suicidal, you can check it out for yourself. Of course, it's not easy to get there these days. Even though the Blight seems to be gone, Mournhold is wary of visitors from Vvardenfell. There is one way you might get there, though. Speak with Asciene Rane about transport to Mournhold--she might be able to help you out."
  • transport to Mournhold: "Well, that's what you'll need if you're so hell-bent on tracking down these Dark Brotherhood assassins you claim have visited you."


  • He is marked as essential, but he isn't important after the conversation about the Dark Brotherhood Attacks.