Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/CLAS

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A CLAS record defines a character class.

The DATA sub-record may be either 48 or 52 bytes in length. If it is only 48 bytes, the final three fields described below are not present.

Subrecord Type Info
EDID zstring Class editor ID
FULL zstring Class name
DESC zstring Description
ICON zstring ICON filename
DATA long[2] Primary attributes. See Actor Values for the attribute values.
long Specialization
long[7] Major skills. See Actor Values for the skill values.
ulong Flags
0x00000001 = Playable
0x00000002 = Guard
ulong Buys/Sells and Services
0x00000001 = Weapons
0x00000002 = Armor
0x00000004 = Clothing
0x00000008 = Books
0x00000010 = Ingredients
0x00000080 = Lights
0x00000100 = Apparatus
0x00000400 = Miscellaneous
0x00000800 = Spells
0x00001000 = Magic Items
0x00002000 = Potions
0x00004000 = Training
0x00010000 = Recharge
0x00020000 = Repair
ubyte Skill trained. See Skills for the skill values.
ubyte Maximum training level (0-100)
ubyte[2] Unused