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Oblivion Mod:Actor Value Indices

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The following tables provide a list of all Actor Values recognized by Oblivion, as well as their corresponding numerical indices. The actor values include all attributes (primary and derived) and all skills. They also contain most active magical effects -- the primary exception being fortify/damage-type effects that modify the value of another actor value. The names provided here for the actor values are the internally-recognized names (e.g., "HandToHand" instead of "Hand To Hand").

Many mod file records and save file records use the provided numerical indices. In addition, the actor values can be modified using the setav console command -- the setav command uses the actor value names, not the numerical indices.

Skill Indices provides the numerical indices used for skills in some records where only skills can appear.

Standard Actor ValuesEdit

These are the most commonly used actor values.

Name Index Name Index Name Index
Strength 0 Armorer 12 Mysticism 24
Intelligence 1 Athletics 13 Restoration 25
Willpower 2 Blade 14 Acrobatics 26
Agility 3 Block 15 LightArmor 27
Speed 4 Blunt 16 Marksman 28
Endurance 5 HandToHand 17 Mercantile 29
Personality 6 HeavyArmor 18 Security 30
Luck 7 Alchemy 19 Sneak 31
Health 8 Alteration 20 Speechcraft 32
Magicka 9 Conjuration 21
Fatigue 10 Destruction 22
Encumbrance 11 Illusion 23

Extra Actor ValuesEdit

These values are only recognized in some places, such as the console command setav and the script function SetActorValue.

Name Index Name Index Name Index
Aggression 33 Chameleon 46 ReflectDamage 59
Confidence 34 Invisibility 47 Telekinesis 60
Energy 35 Paralysis 48 ResistFire 61
Responsibility 36 Silence 49 ResistFrost 62
Bounty 37 Confusion 50 ResistDisease 63
Fame 38 DetectItemRange 51 ResistMagic 64
Infamy 39 SpellAbsorbChance 52 ResistNormalWeapons 65
MagickaMultiplier 40 SpellReflectChance 53 ResistParalysis 66
NightEyeBonus 41 SwimSpeedMultiplier 54 ResistPoison 67
AttackBonus 42 WaterBreathing 55 ResistShock 68
DefendBonus 43 WaterWalking 56 Vampirism 69
CastingPenalty 44 StuntedMagicka 57 Darkness 70
Blindness 45 DetectLifeRange 58 ResistWaterDamage 71

† Although two indices are reserved for Fame and Infamy, they are not recognized as actor values by most functions.


  • More information on these values can also be found at TESCSWiki
  • Starting at offset 0x4E1390 in TESConstructionSet.exe is an array of 155 records of 32 bytes each. One of the fields in these records are an offset to a string in the EXE file.