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This template allows crosslinks to be created to any entry on a page instead of only to section headers.


Parameter Scope Description
1 optional The text to display as well as the name of the link to create (links will be reduced to their text automatically). To use a different link name and text name, put the text on the page as normal, then include this template but leave the first parameter blank or use the second parameter by number.
2-4 optional Additional links to create with no text.


{{Anchor|Link Example}}

Link Example: This creates a "Link Example" link on this page, which you can link to with [[Template:Anchor#Link Example|example]].

{{Anchor|Ancestor Ghost|Summon Ancestor Ghost|Ghost}}

Ancestor Ghost: This is an example that creates several links to the same entry. You could link to this entry with any of [[Template:Anchor#Ancestor Ghost]], [[Template:Anchor#Summon Ancestor Ghost]], or [[Template:Anchor#Ghost]].

{{Anchor||Link Only}} or
{{Anchor|2=Link Only}}

In this case, only a link is created with no text displayed. It can be linked to with [[Template:Anchor#Link Only]].