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General features are NOT specific record accessing functions. Please list any requests for those in the Record Access area.

Supported General FeaturesEdit

  • Importing of user's active mods.
  • Importing of all mods in user's Data folder
  • Importing of specific mods using ModListing
  • Exporting of all GRUPs supported.
  • Automatic STRINGS file import
  • Automatic STRINGS file export if flag is on in the patch (off by default). Note: It is highly recommended you leave the flag off and embed your strings, as there is NO reason to have STRINGS files for SkyProc patches.
  • Automatic language STRINGS support using SPGlobal.language.
  • Default GUI setup
  • Debug log support

Requested General FeaturesEdit

  • Progress Bar functionality in Default GUI, and non-default GUIs.
  • Multi-core support for importing