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Skyrim:Grand Healing

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SR-icon-spell-Heal.png Grand Healing
School Restoration Difficulty Expert
Type Defensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Either Hand
Spell ID 000b62ee Editor ID GrandHealing
Base Cost 254 Charge Time 0.5
Magnitude 200 Area 15 ft
Tome ID 000dd643 Tome Value 680
Appears in random loot at level 35+
Purchase from (Restoration lvl 65+)
Heals everyone close to the caster 200 points.

Grand Healing is an expert level Restoration spell that will instantly restore the health of the caster and every ally near them by 200 points.



  • Regeneration, increases health (and stamina with the Respite perk) restoration to 300.


  • This spell will not heal enemies within range, only your allies and neutral targets.


  • The AoE stamina healing effect unlocked when you have the Respite perk will heal the stamina of undead, machines, and daedra within range of the effect due to there being no condition checks to prevent it. The AoE healing effect, on the other hand, will not affect undead, machines, or daedra within range.
  • Attacking an enemy while undetected will still allow the spell to heal them. Example: Hitting a Giant inside a camp, then casting Grand Healing will sometimes heal it. ?