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Erver Devani's House
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Erver Devani's House

Erver Devani's House is the westernmost house in Deepwallow.

The dining area in the southeast end of the house holds a barrel and cupboard that contain food, two clutter sacks, and a table set with three thorn hooks, three sweetrolls, two smoked baliwog legs, and a cheese wedge. A barrel and two crates containing clutter are bunched up underneath the stairs. The alcove at the foot of the stairs holds another food barrel, a chest that can contain armor and weapons, another clutter sack, and a table that holds three withering moons, four bottles of beer, and a bottle of cheap wine. A set of drawers in the upstairs bedroom holds clothing and a copy of The Predecessors sits on top of it. The chest at the foot of the stairs and the three sacks are the only containers in the house that do not respawn.