Shadowkey: NPCs
Location Raider's Nest
Race Argonian Gender Male
Other Information
Level 6 XP 280
Health 35 Armor 3
Attack 125 Defense 225
Magic Resistance 3 Spellcasting 30
Damage 4-18

Yelnicin is the leader of the raiders in the Gold section of Raider's Nest. He distrusts the Blue Raiders but believes the Reds' leader, Wulfbris, must die. Compared to his rival leaders, Yelnicin is incredibly powerful in both attack and defense.

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Gold Raider MissionEdit

If the Blue Raiders and Red Raiders haven't been spoken to yet there is a choice to side with Yelnicin:

(An Argonian looks agitated, then pleased to see you.)
"New blood arrives, perhaps this is good.
The Blues are lazy, useless, but not traitorous.
That traitor, Wulfbris, agitates against us.
If you could silence the traitor, all our lives would be better."
Okay, it's a deal.
I'd rather silence you!

If spoken to before killing Wulfbris:

(Yelnicin shoos you away as you enter the room.)
"We'll talk after you take Wulfbris' hide."
It will be done.
I'd rather have your hide!

Once Wulfbris has been killed:

(Yelnicin's eyes gleam with anticipation.)
"Wulfbris rots, is this true?"
Yes, it's true.