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Online:White-Gold: The Ayleid Perspective

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White-Gold: The Ayleid Perspective
ID 7558
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Collection Apocryphal Pages
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White-Gold: The Ayleid Perspective
The start of foreward for a text about the Ayleids


While there are no doubt a countless number of tomes that delve deep into the rich history of our ancient Wild Elves, there are none that look to approach the subject of the preeminent Saliache's [sic] with the care and respect that an ancient power deserves for having built the first Tamrielic empire and whose rule dates back further than recorded history, a fact that will no doubt astound those new to the exciting, scholarly world of ancient empires, many of whom I also implore to not just skip forward to the moth-eyed prophecies of bitter fruit or the harrowing tales of Daedric contracts in search of limitless power, though I understand there are many a scholar who pride themselves on delving deep into the more, yes, exciting moments of Ayleid history, but how does one discover the new and unknown while only retreading well-worn trails that are littered with piles of repetitious, academic drivel whose only purpose is ego maintenance and padding the resumes of so called research figureheads under the guise of

(The foreword continues in this manner for forty-five additional pages.)