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Online:Warlock Vanton's Research Proposal

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Book Information
Warlock Vanton's Research Proposal
ID 7591
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Collection Telvanni Tomes
Found in the following locations:
Warlock Vanton's Research Proposal
A proposal for the study of the Dreamstone

To Shalidor, Twelvane, and those with the appropriate standing in this matter,

I, Warlock Vanton, am writing with a request for access to the Dreamstone, which I know is hidden in a vault beneath Davon's Watch. I am aware of the dangers posed by the Dreamstone, but I'm sure we can all agree that I am quite well equipped to deal with them.

I need the Dreamstone to complete my analysis of the differences between sleeping potions and falling asleep naturally. The biggest difference, I suspect, lies within the dreams produced by both states of unconsciousness. With enough practice, I believe I can train myself to recognize the dreamstates I fall into. This would be tremendously useful, as right now there's little distinction between the two, and intelligent minds throughout the ages have toiled on the problem of which one is more potent (see Wizards Salavel, Herrick, Shah, Oges, and Meesei). To finally put the question to rest would give answers to many inquiries, and insight into improvements made to future magics.

As you can see by my attached references, I am one of the foremost experts in vicinage wards, forefendary spells, and the fine art of research which many lesser mages forgo in favor of much flashier magical studies.

I've also studied the accounts of those who held the Dreamstone prior to this request. I have confirmed what each and every one of Ansuul's victims did incorrectly, and I have a plan to avoid repeating their mistakes. Additionally, since I will be isolated during the course of my research, I will not be placing any unknowing persons in danger. It's simply not possible for me to fail in my pursuit of this knowledge.

Simply put, if there is anyone capable of dealing with the Dreamstone's ire, it is me. I hope that you come to the same conclusion.

Warlock Vanton