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Location Treva's Farm
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 0 (Dead)
Treva's corpse

Treva is a Nord farmer who was killed by Worm Cultists, who trapped his soul. He is married to Helgith, with whom he had a daughter named Irna. Centurion Gjakil is his son-in-law. He has two granddaughters named Fridda and Gretsine.

Later, he can be met at The Great Shackle as a Soul-Shriven.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Soul HarvestEdit

Location Treva's Farm
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
The spirit of Treva

His spirit appears after you search a glowing bag when the quest is not active, and he can give you the quest.

"Please. Help the dead find their rest."
Who are you?
"My name is Treva, and I built the blasted farm with my own two hands. Those cult bastards murdered me and stuffed my family into their damned geodes."
I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?
"Crush every geode you find, youngin. Start with the one in this bloody bag. That'll send my family to Sovngarde and our damned-well deserved reward!"
I'll set the dead free, Treva.

If you are doing The Farmer's Champion and are supposed to find Gretsine at this point in the quest, his granddaughter will react to seeing his spirit.

Treva addresses you after you break the final soul geode.

Treva: "The others … are they free of the Worm Cult's grasp?"
Treva: "Thank you. Now I can go to my rest with a glad heart."

Speak to him to end the quest.

"Kyne bless you! We'll join Ysgramor with honor, thanks to you."
Go well, Treva.
"Help my family any way you can.
They'll need it without me around."

His spirit fades away when the quest ends.

Treva: "Thank you. To Sovngarde I go!"

Breaking the ShackleEdit

Location The Great Shackle
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Soul-Shriven
Treva as a Soul Shriven

As you head up to the catwalk, Treva's voice can be heard before you see him:

Treva: "You, there! Over here! Would you be so kind as to open this cage?"

When you do so, he says:

Treva: "You have my thanks, friend!"'

Once you speak to him after he is freed, he is ready for vengeance.

"Someone needs to pay for locking me away in this dung heap!"
Vanus Galerion and I are here to destroy the Great Shackle.
"And I need to bust some heads, so I'm going to help you with your mission. I'll find Vanus and ready myself for battle."

When you reach the shackle, he promises to help you.

"Just give the word and my hammer will be by your side!"
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