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Home Settlement Morkul Stronghold
Location Clan Longhouse
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Morkul Clan

Thazeg is an Orc priest of Malacath found in Morkul Stronghold.

Related QuestsEdit


Outside the quest, he'll remark:

"Even now, collections for a new Phial of Tranquility have begun. When we've raised the gold, I will ask Guruzug to commission another assault on Thukhozod's Sanctum. There are many more souls there that struggle for freedom.
I hope you are available."


"I sometimes pray to Malacath for strength-but Malacath cannot give it. He only issues the challenge. The challenge to claim strength for ourselves."

Free SpiritsEdit

The first time you do the quest, Thazeg will say:

"All those spirits, trapped by Gorlar the Dark ... deprived of life and glory. It's a tragedy—one we would see remedied."

If you have done this quest before, he will remember you:

"I am glad to see you've taken up our cause once again, my friend. There are still many souls struggling under Thukhozod's heel. I know that you will do what's necessary to save them."
Can you tell me about this phial? / What can you tell me about this phial?
"Yes, of course.
The families of Gorlar the Dark's victims collected what gold they could and had the Phial of Tranquility created. It has the power to separate spirit from body."
But I need to fight them first?
"The necromancy that keeps these spirits trapped is extremely powerful. The bodies will have to be all but destroyed if the phial is to do its work properly. Not the most elegant solution, but Gorlar has forced our hand … Malacath scourge him."
And this phial will work on any of the undead in the Sanctum?
"Alas, no. The most powerful creatures, like the Bone Colossus, are too far gone. Their spirits are ripped asunder and corrupted beyond saving.
And the phial only has so much magic in it. You can free some spirits, but, sadly, not all."
Is that all?
"No! You must kill that wretched sorcerer at the heart of the Sanctum! He continues to raise more undead and spread his misery and corruption throughout Wrothgar!
As long as he exists, more families will lose their loved ones to his grasp."
If I free these spirits in Thukhozod's Sanctum, what will happen to them?
"They will go to The Ashen Forge, of course, to be honed and tempered—made whole in the cleansing fires of Malacath."
And that's … good?
"What? Of course it is. Every Orc, deep in their heart, yearns to be thrust into Malacath's coals. To see their grudges and fury folded and hardened on the Anvil of Ash!"
"It is difficult for outsiders to grasp. The Orc faith … the true Orc faith, offers few comforts, but ample glory. Those spirits you liberate will be glad to enter Malacath's realm, I assure you."

After you have defeated the necromancer and put some of the undead to rest, you can return to Thazeg:

"Thank Malacath, you have returned! I knew you would be able to escape Gorlar the Dark's lair.
Have you done what you promised?"
The spirits are free and Gorlar the Dark has been defeated.
"You've done us a tremendous service, friend. There are still many lost souls bound to that wretched place, but we can be proud that at least a few have made it to the Ashen Forge. You have my thanks."
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