Elder Scrolls Online: People / Vendors
Home City Rimmen
Location Rimmen Artisans District
Store Moondance Magicks
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Enchanter

Taarenyawen is an Altmer enchanter who runs a shop in the Rimmen Artisans District. She came to Elsweyr to help out during the outbreak of Knahaten Flu.


"I just find the mages of Elsweyr to be so … charming. But should you desire to be a truly great enchanter? Nothing compares to High Elf practices."
"I fell in love with Elsweyr the moment I arrived. It has a certain … rustic charm. Not to mention an urgent need for competent enchanters."
"My services as an enchanter are desperately needed during such troubled times. After all, we can't expect the Khajiit to look after themselves!"
"I was first sent to Elsweyr to help fight the Knahaten Flu. At the height of that tragedy, we mages were regarded as saviors. Still are, actually."