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Syndelius Ergalla
Home Settlement Seyda Neen
Location Census and Excise Office
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Gold Coast Trading Company (formerly)
Syndelius Ergalla

Syndelius Ergalla is a Breton who works at the Census and Excise Office in Seyda Neen.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

After you have arrived in the town after escaping slavers on Firemoth Island, you will witness a conversation between Syndelius and the Sergeant who is escorting you to the Governor.

Syndelius Ergalla: "Another rescue, Sergeant? Let me just record the name in my ledger."
Sergeant Delms: "Not this one. Governor Salvi doesn't want an official record."
Syndelius Ergalla: "Really? Very well. The Governor's in her office."


If you get an opportunity to talk with him afterwards, he will reluctant to speak as he has work to do.

General Greeting:
Completed the Morrowind Tutorial
"If you'll excuse me, I'm quite busy at the moment. Come back and see me later."

"As far as the official record is concerned, you don't exist. So forgive me if I don't engage in conversation. I'm extremely busy at the moment."

Nonetheless, he is more than happy to apprise you of his current occupation, as well as answer several questions:

What do you do here?
"Seyda Neen is the preeminent port into Vvardenfell. I process new arrivals so the Tribunal knows who might be gallivanting across this fair land. It's so much more prestigious than my efforts for the Gold Coast Trading Company."
You used to work for the Gold Coast Trading Company?
"Once, long ago, in another life, I served as a clerk for the company right here in Vvardenfell. Helped build many of the fine Imperial-style structures you see. I must have impressed House Hlaalu, for they offered me this distinguished position."
So you like working for the Dark Elves?
"For the most part. But sometimes it takes great effort not to strangle one or more of these pointy-eared blusterers. For example, no one ever remembers their birth sign. Some even try to change their answers on repeat visits. As if I wouldn't notice!"

During the events of Breaking Through the Fog, after you rescued captives and come back from Firemoth Island:

"The deputy govenor is waiting for you in the govenor's office. It's been rather quiet in there."

After the events of Breaking Through the Fog:

"I can't believe the governor was working with slavers! What an opportunistic cretin! I'm not sure if I'm disgusted or a little jealous of his audacity."