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Stromgruf the Steady
Location East of Pulk
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Stromgruf the Steady

Stromgruf the Steady is a Nord sell-sword found east of Pulk. You'll initially find him in a compromising position (under a hold spell and naked) out in the middle of nowhere. He claims he was attacked by a witch by the name of Nerise Venim and asks you to find her and free him from the curse.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

"By Shor's shiny arse, if you aren't a robber and you don't work for the witch, then you have to help me! I can't move so much as a muscle and my nose itches like a flea-bitten dog!"
A witch did this to you?
"That's what I said—a witch! Oh, she might look like a Dark Elf, but don't let that heaving bosom fool you! I agreed to escort her to Vivec City. Then last night she went crazy and started throwing spells around.
She bewitched me when I ran away!"
Any idea how to break the spell?
"What do I know of spells and bewitchments? I suppose the witch needs to uncast it or something. She has to be close by. Please, find her and make her set me free! If my friends saw me like this ….
Find that evil, red-eyed creature, I beg you!"
I'll find your witch and get her to release you.
"I feel like I spent an evening drinking with the heroes of Sovngarde—and then they danced on my head."
Tell me more about this Dark Elf witch who ensorcelled you.
"The witch? Oh, you mean Nerise Venim. She hired me to escort her to Vivec City. We took a short cut, I think. Or maybe we were setting up camp for the night ….
Anyway, she suddenly turned angry and started throwing spells around. She's crazy!"
A short cut? Camp? You don't actually remember what happened, do you?
"It was night time. I was tired and I think she threw something at me. Hit me in the head. A bottle? She threw a bottle at me, I think.
It was very confusing, what with all the spells and that red-eyed witch threatening to turn me into a guar."
All Dark Elves have red eyes. But why did you agree to escort a witch to Vivec City?
"I'm a sell-sword. A guard-for-hire. It's what puts mead on the table, if you know what I mean.
Besides, she never told me she was a witch. Witches are sneaky like that, pretending to be normal people."
Why are you naked, by the way?
"What, you mean my bare-naked chest? I find shirts and tunics to be too confining. Besides, why would I want to cover up these fabulous tattoos?"
Do you feel the same way about pants?
"Pants? What's wrong with my—
My pants are missing, aren't they? Oh. No wonder my ankles are chilly. That evil witch stole my pants! Probably using them to cast another spell at me!"
Where should I look for this witch of yours?
"We were heading to Vivec City when things went sideways on an ice floe. I ran away from the spells and the screaming. She's probably back that way. Just follow the trail of bottles she tossed at me. But be careful—they can do some serious damage!"

After assisting Nerise, you can return to him, and he'll say:

"You know what true boredom is? Spending endless hours looking at the exact same spot! I'd give my left foot to be able to turn my head!
Did you find her? Did you find the evil witch who cast this damn spell on me?"
I met Nerise Venim. Her tale was very different from yours.
"Are you suggesting that I'm a teller of tall tales? You think I froze myself just to discredit Nerise Venim? That's an outrageous accusation that wounds me to my core!
Why? What did she tell you?"
Goblins attacked the camp while you were … making room for more mead.
"Goblins? I suppose that could have been what the yelling and screeching was about. I was dealing with my necessaries, after all ….
But that doesn't explain why she cast those loud and terrifying spells!"
She was trying to frighten the goblins until you could come and help.
"Well, she should have said something instead of scaring me half to death while I was busy in the bushes!
I'll admit I might have had a few sips of mead. And I was tired. But that's no reason to leave me like this, exposed for all the world to see!"
Nerise should be here shortly to deal with you.

Speaking to him again before handing the items over:

"What's that sneaky witch talking about? As soon as she sets me free and gives me back my sword, we're done!"
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Stromgruf the Steady
Location East of Pulk
Species Guar
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

After finishing business with Nerise, you'll witness the following:

Stromgruf the Steady: "Set me free and return my sword, witch!"
Nerise Venim: "That sword is payment for escorting me to Vivec City. We're not there yet, you ungrateful oaf!"
Stromgruf the Steady: "Vivec City? I don't want anything more to do with you and your … your witchy ways!"
Nerise Venim: "I'll set you free, but you will live up to our agreement. And you'll do so sober—no more mead for you until we reach Vivec City."
Stromgruf the Steady: "Stop that! I … <Nerise casts a spell and turns Stromgruf into Guar> yark!"
Nerise Venim: "If you're a good little guar, I'll remove the spell when we get to Vivec City. Maybe even buy you a new pair of pants."

The two then head east and disappear.


  • Stromgruf's quest, along with the quest The Naked Nord in Deshaan, are part of a running gag where naked Nords dressed in nothing but their undergarments frequently appeared in Morrowind, having been tricked by witches.