Home City Brass Fortress
Location Slag Town
Species Fabricant
Health 121732
Reaction Friendly

Snuffler is a nix-hound fabricant owned by Artificer Dalomar in the Brass Fortress.

He loans it to you to help track down Chancellor Gascone Dusant through the Insalubrious Effluvium. After you've breached the Ventral Terminus, Snuffler will have returned to the Brass Fortress to fetch Proctor Luciana Pullo and her retinue of Clockwork Enforcers to bring the Chancellor into custody.

Interacting with it will bring up the message <Snuffler sniffs noisily.> while interacting with it later on in the quest will have it say <Snuffler emits a low agitated chitter at your touch. It's impossible to tell whether it enjoys or detests the attention.>

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