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Sextus Denter
Home City Evermore
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Seventh Legion
Sextus Denter

Sextus Denter is an Imperial member of the Seventh Legion. He has infiltrated the city of Evermore and is attempting to recruit citizens for the planned Imperial takeover. You must order Uela's crows to kill him.

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When approached he can be heard talking to the citizens.

Sextus Denter: "The rumors about the Empire enslaving civilians are completely untrue!"

He can be further questioned:

"Here's someone who's seen a battle or two. You've read the writing on the wall, haven't you, my friend?"
What does the writing say?
"Evermore is doomed without Imperial assistance.
Help us. Help us take the city from the Covenant, and we will usher in a new day, a day of security and self-respect. A day of survival."
Not for you. [Signal the Crows to Attack]