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Participate in the Harvest Festival at Bad Man's Hallows.
Zone: Glenumbra
Objective: Bad Man's Hallows — Investigate Bad Man's Hallows.
Quest Giver: Curator Nicholas
Location(s): Bad Man's Hallows
Concurrent Quest: Can't Take It With Them
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 862 XP[verification needed — at lvl 13 - constant at each lvl?]
Participate in the Harvest Festival
I entered a secluded grove near Daggerfall Harbor called Bad Man's Hallows. The people here are engaged in a festival honoring the Bad Man, an ancient harvest god.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Curator Nicholas.
  2. Gather fruits and grains for the harvest festival.
  3. Complete the festival ritual.
  4. Talk to Eveline Vette.
  5. Burn the tendril clusters.
  6. Talk to Eveline Vette.
  7. Talk to Curator Nicholas.
  8. Defeat the Bad Man.
  9. Talk to Eveline Vette.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The FestivalEdit

Speak with Curator Nicholas inside Bad Man's Hallows. He asks you to gather apples and grain. Search the area for two apples and two bags of grain, when you have the items place them in front of the tree. He will then proceed to start the festival ritual and set the sacrificial goods on fire.

Curator Nicholas: "Brothers and sisters! The newcomer has made an offering to the Bad Man! Join with me in celebration!"
"Bad Man, stern hand of the harvest, master of blight and plenty, accept this gift! Feed, and grow stronger."
Bad Man Followers: "May his hunger never be sated, may his roots grow ever deeper."

After watching this scene, talk to Nicholas who will ask you to finish the ritual by throwing dirt onto the fire. When this is done, the player will find themselves elsewhere in an underground cavern.

The Bad Man's LairEdit

"We were wrong. He is angry!"

Southeast of where you arrived you will find Eveline Vette trapped in some vines, speak to her and she'll ask you to free her before she explains anything. Turn south and examine the dead Shalk to get a shalk gland. Burn the vines with the shalk gland to free Eveline. Talk to her and she'll tell you to burn the roots in the tunnels with shalk glands in order to weaken the Bad Man. Kill shalk until you have four shalk glands then burn four different vines. Now go back and talk to Eveline who is in the southernmost corner of the tunnels. Go through the portal and talk to Nicholas. Perform the ritual at the altar and then defeat the Bad Man. Now talk to Eveline for your reward.

Quest StagesEdit

Season of Harvest
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Collect Apples
Objective: Collect Grain
Objective: Place the Offerings
Objective: Observe the Lighting
Objective: Watch the Ceremony
Objective: Talk to Curator Nicholas
Objective: Throw Dirt in the Fire
Objective: Search the Tunnels
Objective: Collect Shalk Gland from Dead Shalk
Objective: Free Eveline Vette
Objective: Talk to Eveline Vette
Objective: Burn Tendril Cluster
Hidden Objective: Defeat the Bad Man
Objective: Perform the Ritual
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