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Online:Ritual of Life's Commencement

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Book Information
Ritual of Life's Commencement
ID 7302
Collection Archipelago Books and Almanacs
Needed for The Sea Runs Restless
Found in the following locations:
  • Llanshara, on a table across from a bed in the central part of the Druid Ritual Chamber (map)
Ritual of Life's Commencement
An inscription about the rituals once held at Llanshara

All life exists because life existed before it. We celebrate the joyful creation of all living things and encourage the full indulgence thereof.

At the proper time, the ritual shall commence with the joining of the guiding pair. Their example shall propagate, like seeds on the wind. Passion shared is life's reward.

For the next lunar cycle, we embrace this power. Once completed, it shall depart fulfilled.