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This article is about the boss at The Queen's Hatchery. For the boss in the Infinite Archive, see Queen of the Reef (Infinite Archive).

Queen of the Reef
Location The Queen's Hatchery
Species Coral Crab
Health 2,653,794 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Queen of the Reef
Queen of the Reef before engaging

The Queen of the Reef is a massive coral crab and the group boss of The Queen's Hatchery.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Claw Swipe
The queen takes a swipe at her target with her large claw, dealing moderate physical damage.
Water Spray
The queen shoots a water projectile at you from far away, dealing moderate physical damage.
Monstrous Claw
The queen backhands you with her big claw, dealing major physical damage and staggering you. This attack can be blocked.
Chitinous Bombardment
The Queen burrows into the sand for 10 seconds and digs up smaller crabs, which she flings across the arena. Where these little crab missiles land is indicated by circular AoEs. The crabs landing cause massive physical damage if you stand within range when they make impact with the ground.
Once the queen resurfaces, about half of the landed burrowed crabs pop out in the form of Coral Mudcrabs and then assist the queen. The main attack to look out for with them is the same Monstrous Claw ability which can stagger you but due to their smaller size, it makes the indicator harder to spot and block in time.
The queen will use this ability very frequently during the fight, which can make the fight last for a long time.


There is one Achievement associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
   Reef Raider 10 Defeat Queen of the Reef at The Queen's Hatchery.