Online: People
Home City Marbruk
Location The Foundation of Trust
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Nidras is a Bosmer apprentice to the banker Talqua. He can be found working at The Foundation of Trust in Marbruk.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Artisan: Discover the identity of a mysterious thief.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

While working in the bank, he'll say:

"Talqua is a master of security. I'm learning so much from him!"

During the quest, you'll find him upstairs in the bank.

"If you need banking services, my master Talqua can assist you downstairs."
And if I'm looking to speak to the Artisan?
"Ah. Working with Cinnar? I noticed you making friends in the market. If you've figured it out, there's no use keeping up pretenses."
Why did you steal from the Altmer?
"My initial plan was to exercise the Right of Theft. I steal precious objects from Altmer, then demand they leave Marbruk for their return."
So where are the valuables?
"It turns out the Altmer don't respect the right, so I returned them. Now I simply let Altmer hatred do the job for me."
What do you mean by that?
"You'll know soon. Now, I tipped off the guards that the Artisan was in the bank, and here you are sneaking about. I advise you leave."

Speak to him again and he'll elaborate:

"Don't waste time searching for me after you leave. You'll have larger concerns soon enough."
What's your grudge against the Altmer?
"Look around! Don't you see what's happening? It's one city, but it won't stop there. War is only one way of conquering; building is another. We may not have destroyed Valenwood ourselves, but if we let the Altmer do it, how is it different?"
What's this Right of Theft?
"It's a Bosmer tradition where you steal something precious, and demand a boon for its return. A song for a spear, or a prime ox for a wife."