Online: People
Home Settlement Lillandril
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Commoner

Nentirona is an Altmer commoner who can be found in Lillandril. He aspires to one day join the Sapiarchs.


"Only a select few are allowed to join the Sapiarchs. They only accept mages of exceptional skill and quality to join their ranks. Why, to even be put under consideration is near impossible for most."
Why are so few allowed to join?
"There's 223 distinct disciplines within the Sapiarchs, and only one Sapiarch is allowed to lead that discipline. Each selects only a handful of apprentices, those they feel are worthy of one day taking over such a prestigious position."
How do the Sapiarchs decide on apprentices?
"The process varies. Some apprentices submit letters of their intent for review. Others are recommended by respected members of the magical community.
A select few are even lucky enough to be simply asked, based on their magical merit."
Sounds tough.
"Yes, I have to agree. Still, I can't help but hold hope in my heart. Someday, even a mage such as I will be worthy of the Sapiarchs. That is my dream, above all else."