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Book Information
ID 4975
Collection Hearts and Flowers
Needed for His Final Gift
Found in the following locations:
  • In Nafarion's hut at the coast northeast of Summerset
Nafarion's Note
A High Elf who turned into a vampire says goodbye to his betrothed

Dearest Felawen,

I thought I could control it. Or maybe I was just delusional. But the thirst grew, and grew, and finally I … attacked someone. Killed someone. And it's with deepest sorrow that someone had to be your mother.

Our engagement has meant the world to me. You've meant the world to me. But please, understand why I ran. If ever someone were to discover that I became a vampire … both our families would suffer. It's best I disappear now.

I can still picture it. Lillandril, the cool ocean breeze coming in. Your face, radiant, resplendent. Shining in the sun as we walked among the streets. I wish, desperately wish, I could see it one more time. I wish ….

I'm determined to get this letter to you, along with my family's pendant. I hope it will bring you some measure of comfort. Something to remember me by. But with my current affliction, I fear contacting you now. Who knows what danger I might place you in, should I be unable to contain my thirst once more.

I'm not sure how long I can continue living like this, but I need you to know the truth. Please, understand. I do this for you.

Lovingly yours,