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Melar Sadus
Home Settlement Suran
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
15,000 (Outside prison)
Reaction Friendly
Melar Sadus

Melar Sadus is a Dark Elf, as well as the vigilante Scarlet Judge. After the related quest, he is forced to hang up the mantle.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Melar imprisoned

The Scarlet Judge will ask you to make trouble for Iron Hounds, while he deals with the corrupt constables. However, the Judge will be capture and taken to the city's prison and tortured in order to get him to recant his accusations on Marshal Hlaren. Obtain a key and sneak into the prison. You'll find him, unmasked, deep in the corridors of the prison:

"Ah, my friend. I see Constable Gretga found you. Please, forgive me if I don't stand up. The marshal's henchmen broke my knees as soon as I arrived.
It is good to meet you, face to face. I wish it was under better circumstances."
So you're the Scarlet Judge?
"One of them. The people of Vvardenfell see the Judge as one immortal guardian, but in truth many warriors have taken up the cowl. I was just the most recent.
These knees though … I fear my heroics are at an end. It's time to pass on the mantle."
To who [sic]?
"To you, of course.
Don't act so surprised. You've proven to be a capable warrior and a friend to the downtrodden and oppressed. Vvardenfell needs a Scarlet Judge. I can think of no one worthier. Unfortunately, my regalia is no longer here."
Where is your costume now?
"Warden Libo, the prison's overseer, took it as a trophy.
While they were interrogating me, I heard him mention a hunting trip to Lake Nabia. Find Libo and you'll find the Judge's regalia. Once you don the cowl, seek out Constable Gretga."

You can ask some questions:

Do you think you can walk? I could try to get you out of here.
"Ha! A doughty and heroic escape? Usually I'd jump at the opportunity. But no, friend. Dragging a cripple out of here only increases the chance you'll be captured. Your mission is too important.
So long as I'm here, Hlaren's guard remains down."
Very well. Will you be all right in the meantime?
"There will be more torture, no doubt. I'm not so foolish as to think I can keep silent forever. But I'm certain I can hold out until you retrieve my regalia and deal with Hlaren.
I will survive. You focus on finishing this fight."
So you're not the first Scarlet Judge?
"I am not.
To the people of Vvardenfell, the Scarlet Judge is legendary. Supernatural. He can appear anywhere at any time, or even many places at once. They think it wizardry. Of course, the truth is far simpler."
There's more than one person dressed as the Scarlet Judge[sic]
"Exactly. We're a small and diffuse group. When age or injury prove too much for us, we pass on the mantle.
The legendary Ervona Ules mentored me. She protected the people of Morrowind for over forty years. We battled together for twelve."
Where is this Ervona now? Do you think she could help?
"Sadly, she passed on years ago. Poisoned blade. It was … a very dark time.
But as she lay there dying, she charged me with protecting the helpless, just as I charge you now. The Scarlet Judge fights on."

Speaking to him again, he will assure you:

"Don't worry about me, friend. It will take more than a few broken bones to make me talk. You'll capture Hlaren yet, I know it."

After killing Marshal Hlaren and capturing the conpirators, you'll find Melar sitting on a bench in the center of town. If you don't wear Scarlet Judge's Regalia he'll soon recognize and greet you:

Melar Sadus: "It's good to see you again, my friend."

Speaking with him:
(If you're not wearing the Scarlet Judge costume)

"Forgive me for not rising to greet you. It is a beautiful day in Suran, and I believe I'll sit for a bit longer. A few months, perhaps?
I jest, of course. Today's victory was worth a few broken bones."

(If you're wearing the Scarlet Judge costume)

"Greeting, my friend. You cut quite the dashing figure in my old regalia!
Another spectacular victory for the Scarlet Judge, eh? I will miss donning the cowl, but it does me good to know that my final adventure helped liberate the people of Suran."
So you really plan to retire?
"Yes. But I do so knowing that the legacy of the Scarlet Judge is in good hands.
We Dark Elves are beset on all sides by greed and scheming malice. I fought it all my life, but now it falls to you. Keep up the work, and be the hero Vvardenfell needs."

Just then, Constables Kren and Gretga are marching Mistress Rilasi Dren, Master Kharekh gra-Bagrat, and Master Vilyn Arano through town:

Melar Sadus: "Ah, look there. The fruits of your labor."
Constable Kren: "Stay in line and keep those mouths shut, s'wits, or I'll throw you in prison without your clothes."

Constable Gretga stops and addresses her friend:

Constable Gretga: "It's good to see you alive, my friend. Very good."
Melar Sadus: "Indeed. Forgive me for not getting up."
Constable Gretga: "Don't take this as an excuse. You're walking again, or else."

Speak to him again and he'll tell you:

"I suppose it's time to find a new line of work. Perhaps I'll run for marshal. I couldn't do much worse than the last one, even on ruined legs."
Do you think you'll ever be able to walk again?
"Without the aid of a cane? I doubt it. Then again, I've always been a fast healer.
But honestly, Hlaren and her confederates suffered far worse. I'd say I got the better end of the deal, wouldn't you?"
What will happen to the plantations now?
"That largely depends on the whims of House Redoran. They have the final say on land disputes. If I had to guess, the properties will be kept in trust until suitable buyers arrive.
I only hope that the new owners have purer intentions."
What will you do now?
"Even without the use of my legs, I will serve Suran. Given the accusations that will soon come to light about improprieties in our government, the people will demand new leadership.
Perhaps I'll run for Marshal. You don't need legs to crew a desk."

After you leave him, he will not be there when you return and his whereabouts are unknown.


  • When speaking to Melar at the end of the related quest, his opening dialogue will be altered if you are wearing the Scarlet Judge Regalia appearance item used in the quest. This dialogue change is not triggered by the Regalia of the Scarlet Judge collectible if it was previously obtained with a different character.