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ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Medicinal Use.png Medicinal Use
Line Alchemy
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 8
Rank II 2 35
Rank III 3 50
Medicinal Use I: When using potions, resulting effects last 10% longer.
Medicinal Use II: When using potions, resulting effects last 20% longer.
Medicinal Use III: When using potions, resulting effects last 30% longer.

Medicinal Use increases the duration of any potions you consume. Note that while this is an Alchemy skill, it affects all potions, not just ones you create yourself. Likewise potions you create will only have increased duration for you, not for other players you give them to (unless they also have points in this passive). This does not apply at all to poisons, though it does apply to negative effects on potions.[verification needed — see talk page]

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