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Online:Lucina Fortis

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Lucina Fortis
HomeĀ Settlement Dragonstar Arena
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Warrior
Other Information
Faction(s) Imperial Legion
Diamond's Daughters
Lucina Fortis

Lucina Fortis is an Imperial warrior found at Dragonstar Arena. She is the captain of the Diamond's Daughters.


She tells you about her team.

"We had to fight our way through a gang of Iron Orcs to get here. A decent enough exercise, but I hope the Arena offers a bit more of a challenge for warriors of our skill level."
"Look at some of this so-called "competition." The Diamond's Daughters shall have no problem becoming champions of the Arena."
"Sometimes I think we should pack up and move out. Offer to help deal with the Iron Orcs and the Scaled Court.
But then I think, no. Not today. Today, I want to become champion of the Arena!"
"Halt. We've no rations to spare and we keep our own council. Now move along. We're really quite busy."
What are Imperial soldiers doing here?
"The Diamond's Daughters go where they please. Right now, it pleases us to compete in the Dragonstar Arena."
Why do you want to compete in the Arena?
"Word of this place reached us and we decided to show them how Imperials fight.
These dirt-farming provincials only respect strength. To bring Imperial law back to the region, what better way to get their attention than by winning their little games?"
Imperial law?
"Of course. Craglorn belongs to the Empireā€”as does every other province in Tamriel. Once we crush the forces in the Arena, we'll put the rest of the region to heel. So it goes."
With just four warriors?
"Four Imperial warriors. Strength, confidence, rhetoric. These are the weapons of a true conqueror. The people of Craglorn cower in fear because of a few savages and cultists.
They need the Empire. We simply want to remind them of that."
Any idea what's inside the Arena?
"We've heard rumors, but I refuse to give credence to most of the wild stories I've listened to.
My guess? Common bandits. Or fat Orc-wives dressed as Daedra, for all I know. I don't really care. It won't be anything we can't handle."
You seem pretty confident.
"Imperial soldiers are always prepared. Whatever's inside the Arena, it won't be able to stand against the strength of Akatosh."
What can you tell me about the competition?
"What do I think of these so-called "gladiators?" Hmph. Drunken paupers and traitors to the Empire! The lot of them aren't worth half a wounded Legionnaire.
There's not a shred of discipline beyond our camp. Disgraceful."
So you don't think they stand a chance against your group?
"Against the Diamond's Daughters? Are you mad? Take that lot under the lean-to. They look like they were fished out of a latrine! Ten gold says they die in the first round.
Of course I'm joking. Wagers are strictly forbidden by Imperial regulations."