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Levitate is an ability used exclusively by certain powerful boss enemies. While you are levitated, there is usually nothing you can do to get out of it, and you should prepare for a particularly devastating attack to follow. The mechanics of levitate abilities vary greatly depending on the boss fight. A list of levitate attacks is below.

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  • The Banished Cells IIHigh Kinlord Rilis: After you are dropped from levitating, you will have a blue or red aura around you. You must run to the altar with a glowing effect which matches the aura's color or you will be instantly killed.
  • Crypt of Hearts IIChamber Guardian(?): Your whole group will be levitated at once. Once you are released, you must immediately get as far away from your teammates as possible or you will most likely both be killed. The best way to avoid this is to stay at 4 compass points around the boss, and then Roll Dodge backwards once released to get away from eachother.
  • Shipwreck CoveKimbrudhil the Songbird: While levitated, you will receive a Synergy-like option to "Escape her Embrace". You should immediately activate this synergy or you will most likely be killed.
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