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Location Tomb of the Serpents
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Kiseravi is a Khajiit found outside the Tomb of the Serpents. She'll be furiously digging through some debris. When you speak to her, she'll tell you about her obsession with the Akaviri relics in the tomb, and the spirit that guards them.

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Speak to Kiseravi and she'll ask you:

"Did the spirit send you to help Kiseravi? What did she say?"
What are you talking about?
"My apologies. Kiseravi hoped you heard the spirit too.
The spirit protects Akaviri relics in the Tomb of the Serpents. She wants Kiseravi to share their secrets with the world, but the tomb is too dangerous. She won't let me leave without them."
What spirit?
"Spirit may not be correct. Entity. Goddess, perhaps. The one who protects the tomb while wrapping her arms around Kiseravi's mind.
Will you retrieve the Akaviri relics? Otherwise, their secrets will be trapped here forever. Along with Kiseravi."
I'll retrieve the Akaviri relics from the tomb.
"Thank you, stranger! Kiseravi hopes you will be the one to pass the spirit's test and retrieve the Akaviri relics.
She's sure you won't end up like the others."

You can then ask her questions about the tomb and the Akaviri.

Why are Akaviri relics in a Khajiiti tomb?
"Years ago, Khajiit allowed displaced Akaviri to bury their dead in Khajiiti tombs. So many Akaviri were buried here that they renamed it Tomb of the Serpents.
The Akaviri placed armor and relics alongside their dead. The spirit watches over all."
What brought you here?
"Curiosity. Arrogance. Greed. Kiseravi wanted to unlock the Akaviri's secrets. To use their knowledge and steal their power. To sell their relics to the highest bidder.
Selfish desires brought Kiseravi here, but the spirit's message made her stay."
Tell me about the Akaviri.
"Some say their ancestors were eaten by a race of vampiric serpents. Others say they were merely captured. They are said to be resistant to poison and fierce in battle. Some say they even enslaved Dragons.
Their relics will tell us what is true."
Tell me about the spirit in the tomb.
"I never saw her, but I felt her. Her words opened something within me. A sense of purpose. Belonging. Love.
I don't remember her words, but I can't forget her message. When I share the relics with the world, you will understand. Everyone will."
I'll enter the tomb and bring back the relics.

Once you have retrieved the relics, she will be waiting for your return.

"You got the Akaviri relics!
Did the spirit speak to you?"
I'm not sure, but here are the relics.
"Ah, the Akaviri spirit has blessed you. Kiseravi can tell. How else would you have succeeded where Kiseravi has failed?
Please accept this gift. And the spirit's blessings."

Once you have handed over the relics, you can ask her about the spirit's message.

"Kiseravi knew that she would meet someone brave enough to enter the tomb, strong enough to pass the spirit's test, and wise enough to accept her protection and never question her voice.
Kiseravi knew because the spirit told her."
What will you do now?
"The spirit wants Kiseravi to share the Akaviri relics with Tamriel. They possess a magic we can't understand. A magic that will spread her influence and protect us all.
The spirit will soon live in everyone's minds, and it will all be thanks to you."
What is the Akaviri spirit's message?
"For some, it is the key to unlocking ancient secrets and lost magic. For others, it is a reminder of why some things are better left unknown.
The spirit has spent years watching the dead in this tomb, stranger. She's ready to see more."