Online:Justiciar Rolumdel

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Justiciar Rolumdel
Home Settlement Lillandril
Location Near the Fighters Guild
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Divine Prosecution
Justiciar Rolumdel

Justiciar Rolumdel is an Altmer member of the Divine Prosecution located near the Fighters Guild hall in Lillandril.

Related QuestsEdit


"Honor upon you, traveler. If the Divine Prosecution can be of assistance, don't hesitate to request our aid."

Culture ClashEdit

During Culture Clash he'll instead greet you with:

Sometimes I wish the criminals and law-breakers would take a holiday. Then the officers of the Divine Prosecution could catch up on our paperwork.
Is there something you need, newcomer?"
I need a writ of authenticity for Ambassador Rigurt of Skyrim.
"A writ of authenticity for a Nord ambassador? That's a highly unusual request considering that a newcomer is the one making it. The Divine Prosecution requires weeks, sometimes even months, to properly audit diplomatic credentials."
Courtier Vindilween sent us. She suggested you might require a favor.
"Vindilween? She loves to engage in the commerce of favors.
Very well. A cup and bowl were stolen from the Alinor Palace. Favorites of the Queen, I'm told. Recover these items and I might be persuaded to issue Rigurt a writ of authenticity."
Any idea who stole the cup and bowl?
"Ideas? Plenty. Proof? Nothing that would hold up in a court of law. Not yet, anyway.
But I'm more concerned with recovering the items. Stolen goods usually find their way to the pirates in Wasten Coraldale. I'd start my search there if I were you."

Once you've decided to give the Stuffed Goat to the Justiciar, Rigurt will turn to him and present his gift:

Rigurt the Brash : "The Nord Cultural Exchange proudly returns the Queen's stolen items! And this Stuffed Goat. It's a Nord treasure!"
Justiciar Rolumdel : "Remarkable work! I'll grant you that writ of authenticity now."
Justiciar Rolumdel : "A word of advice. If Vindilween refuses to help, remind her that the Divine Prosecution might remember the incident at the Battlereeve's dinner party."

Speaking to him again, he'll say:

"You performed admirably. And the fact that I don't have to tell the Queen that her favorite bowl and cup were stolen, well, that's just honey butter on the sour meat pasty."
Thanks for providing Rigurt with a writ of authenticity.
"Of course. I must admit, I didn't expect you to succeed, but thank you for recovering the items. As for the Stuffed Goat … I'll just toss that in the trash after the two of you leave.
In the meantime, be careful when dealing with Vindilween."
Are you suggesting that Vindilween isn't trustworthy?
"Let's just say Vindilween likes to maintain the upper hand.
Here's a bit of advice. If she refuses to help you, tell her that the Divine Prosecution could look into that incident at the Battlereeve's dinner party if you were to remind me about it."