Online:Instructor Falan

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Instructor Falan
HomeĀ Settlement Shad Astula
Location Courtyard
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Instructor Falan

Instructor Falan is a Dunmer instructor at the Shad Astula Academy who can be found in the courtyard of the Administration building. She is busy facilitating an orientation session with newly arrived students and won't talk to you.


If you stay for the orientation, you will hear her say:

Instructor Falan: "The Shad Astula Academy was founded by the Great Houses and blessed by the Tribunal."
Instructor Falan: "We have no connection to the mongrel Mages Guild."
Instructor Falan: "They accept anyone! For the first time ever, the Academy has opened its doors to the entire Pact. You're lucky to be here. Don't squander this opportunity."
Instructor Falan: "Members of all the Great Houses are welcome here. Even House Dres. Provided you receive an invitation of course."
Instructor Falan: "You have earned this privilege. Unless you are highborn or wealthy, of course."
Instructor Falan: "The highborn and wealthy grace us by their presence, and we thank them for their contributions."
Instructor Falan: "Use of skooma is forbidden. If you want to unwind, confine your intake to mazte and flin."
Instructor Falan: "Drinks stronger than that are prohibited. Except the instructors. They have free access to the beverage cellar."
Instructor Falan: "And the Instructors' Lounge in Administration is strictly off limits! Understand?"