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ON-icon-achievement-Proof of Ability.png Proof of Ability
ON-icon-achievement-Infinite Endurance.png Infinite Endurance
ON-icon-achievement-Running the Gauntlet.png Running the Gauntlet
Type Infinite Archive Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Needed for Leading the Charge
Furnishing(s) Infinite Archive Index, Replica (002500025,000Archival Fortunes)
Defeat [1, 50, 100] Bosses in the Infinite Archive within the first Arc.

Running the Gauntlet and its preceding achievements are awarded for acquiring a certain number of Bosses within the first Arc during your accumulative forays in Infinite Archive.

Completing the final level of this achievement will allow you to purchase the Infinite Archive Index, Replica from Filer Tezurs for 002500025,000Archival Fortunes.